Quatsch Theater proudly presents:
Dr. Q's magisteral fleacircus!

Go back in time and take a look at the smallest circus in the world,
inhabeted by the tiniest artists: fleas!
Small size, great action!

Watch how these small creatures pull along a carriage, seek their balance on a giant ball and perfectly perform the unparralelled stunt of the living canonball!!
Furthermore you can witness the dubble looped salto on the tight rope with as grande finale: the jump of death (salto mortale) through a burning hoop!
And all of this is happening on the small playing spot of aprox. 900 cm².

The commonly known and all respected "flea-ist/expert" dr. Q. presents this performance and enlards the spectacle with inytersesting know how about the consistent traing program and the special live these special artists have.

This travelling circus can perform from 5 till 30 minutes on various locations.